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  2. Bedazzle Definition & Meaning |

    Bedazzle definition, to impress forcefully, especially so as to make oblivious to faults or shortcomings: Audiences were bedazzled by her charm. See more.

  3. dazzle | meaning of dazzle in Longman Dictionary of ...

    dazzle. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English daz‧zle /ˈdæzəl/ verb [ transitive] 1 if a very bright light dazzles you, it stops you from seeing properly for a short time a deer dazzled by the headlights 2 to make someone feel strong admiration As children, we were dazzled by my uncle’s good looks and charm. —dazzle noun ...

  4. dazzling - Dictionary of English

    dazzling - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. All Free. ... the dazzle of the blue sea on a sunny day at the beach. impressive, ...

  5. Dazzled Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

    How to use dazzle in a sentence. to lose clear vision especially from looking at bright light; to shine brilliantly; to arouse admiration by an impressive display… See the full definition

  6. dazzle in Traditional Chinese - Cambridge Dictionary

    dazzle translate: 使感到刺眼,使感到目眩, 使傾倒,使讚嘆. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Chinese traditional Dictionary.

  7. Razzle-dazzle definition in American English | Collins ...

    Razzle-dazzle definition: Razzle-dazzle is the same as → razzmatazz . | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples in American English

  8. Adazzle Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

    The meaning of ADAZZLE is dazzling, gleaming, shining.

  9. Razzle-dazzle - Definition, Meaning & Synonyms |

    razzle-dazzle: 1 n any exciting and complex play intended to confuse (dazzle) the opponent Synonyms: razmataz , razzle , razzmatazz Type of: play a preset plan of action in team sports