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  2. Trade promotion (marketing) - Wikipedia

    Trade Promotion is a marketing technique aimed at increasing demand for products in retail stores based on special pricing, display fixtures, demonstrations, value-added bonuses, no-obligation gifts, and more. [2] Trade Promotions can offer several benefits to businesses. Retail stores can be an extremely competitive environment; trade ...

  3. Promotional merchandise - Wikipedia

    t. e. Promotional merchandise are products branded with a logo or slogan and distributed at little or no cost to promote a brand, corporate identity, or event. Such products, which are often informally called promo products, swag [1] ( mass nouns ), tchotchkes, or freebies ( count nouns ), are used in marketing and sales.

  4. Dynamic discounting - Wikipedia

    Dynamic discounting includes the ability to agree upon terms that vary the discount according to the date of early payment. The earlier the payment, the greater the discount. In addition, it includes an ability for either buyer or supplier to propose an early payment date and discount for a one-time payment using email or specialized software.

  5. Rebate (marketing) - Wikipedia

    Rebate (marketing) In marketing, a rebate is a form of buying discount and is an amount paid by way of reduction, return, or refund that is paid retrospectively. It is a type of sales promotion that marketers use primarily as incentives or supplements to product sales. Rebates are also used as a means of enticing price-sensitive consumers into ...

  6. List of Curb Your Enthusiasm episodes - Wikipedia

    Curb Your Enthusiasm features many celebrity guest star appearances, fictionalized to varying degrees. The series was renewed for a twelfth and final season, [2] [3] that premiered on February 4, 2024. [4] During the course of the series, 120 episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm aired, concluding on April 7, 2024.

  7. Pat McAfee - Wikipedia

    Pat McAfee. Patrick Justin McAfee ( / ˈmækəfiː / MA-kə-fee; born May 2, 1987) is an American sports analyst, professional wrestling color commentator, as well as a former football punter, and kickoff specialist. McAfee is an analyst on ESPN's College GameDay, a television program covering college football.

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    related to: mcafee livesafe promotional offer discount
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